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HireODs offers a number of different recruiting options to help make sure you are at the top of the conversation with ODs.

Over 2,000 OD Job Posts Are Active Now. We Go Direct To Your Candidates.

Put Your Best Foot Forward.

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Starting At $1,500

Think the best recruitment marketing with you behind the steering wheel.

Perfect for: Practices looking for a simple but robust marketing package.

Job Post Creation

We build your job post for you based on best performing industry trends and make suggestions on where to post your job for best results.

Robust Custom Landing Pages

Stand apart from the competition with a robust website designed to help position your opportunity in a unique, modern way to the end candidate.

Starting At $1,500

Your Next Hire. Pre-Screened Candidates

Used By 60% Of Employers


Starting At $2,000

The industry’s most innovative way to find and interview OD talent.

Perfect for: Practices that just want candidate referrals but can take over from there.

Pre-Screened Candidates

We value your time. Referral of pre-screened candidates that have chosen YOU. Based on our conversations with them. They are ready to interview.

Dynamic Candidate Profile

This is more than just a resume. Our candidates also come with a robust profile summary, which is a concise graphic that summarizes their personal info, educational background, specialties they are interested in, and more.

Robust Background Info

We have highly vetted candidates to ensure they are the right fit based on your OD profile and practice. We have moved passed the first interview so you can dive deeper.

Starting At $2,000

Leave Hiring To Us. You Focus On Patients.

Used By 20% Of Employers


Starting At $15,000

Save $5,000 Based On Industry Averages

Perfect for: Practices that want to outsource the entire hiring process, from A to Z.

Start To Finish

We make sure the candidate (and eventual hire) stays in touch with you from the moment of hire until the start date.

Pro Support

We are here to help you, all the way across the finish line. Whether advice on compensation & package structure, interview process support, or contract drafting we are here for you.

Starting At $15,000